Farewell to August (via Islandmomma)

Farewell to August August has been hot. August is always hot here. The south is now arid and parched, but that thought crosses my mind every year, and it goes without saying that it's nothing compared to some regions of the world.  It's only around six months since it rained.  It does tend to make you realize how devastating prolonged droughts are. On the wee hike up Montaña Roja the other day I met a perfectly nice, young, Russian guy, who lives in London.  He wou … Read More

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Eating gluten-free or sin gluten in Spain. (via Guide to Gluten Free)

Eating gluten-free or sin gluten in Spain. Over the last two weeks, my husband and I visited Barcelona, Figueres, and Cadeques, Spain. It was certainly the most inspiring experience of our lives, getting to know the Catalan people, the cuisine, the many, many exhibits of art, Gaudi architecture/sites, and the overall grittiness of the city of Barcelona. All three cities are very different. Barcelona is a busy and expansive city, sprawling for miles and miles, scooters zip pass you, while … Read More

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Christmas In August (via Southern Beale)

Christmas In August I understand Nashville is in the throes of the proverbial "dog days," all gasping dry heat and parched lawns. This is what we encountered today, August 31: That's right, over a foot of snow. Not flurries, but clear-the-shelves-at-Kroger, school-is-cancelled snowshowers. Then again, we were on a glacier. Still, it's unnerving but also a little delightful. Another glory of travel. … Read More

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