Roasted Tomato Soup

Mama's Gotta Bake

When I got up this morning I was actually planning to do another blog posting about cookies. I know what you’re thinking, Mama, enough with the cookies already. It is an uncharacteristically cold and gloomy day here, yes, 55 degrees is cold, so I decided to re-think my strategy. I thought I should choose to make something for my posting that I could also serve to the family for dinner tonight. Ah yes, therefore killing two birds with one stone.

Due to the aforementioned gloominess, I decided that my family would probably appreciate some good ‘ol comfort food. I don’t know about you, but grilled cheese and tomato soup is about as cozy as you can get.  I rarely get a reaction from the husband and kids regarding my cooking, but the Roasted Tomato Soup got rave reviews.

It’s just a suggestion, but if you’re having a get-together for New…

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Pague pedágio, cara!

Blog Pimenta Marinha - A Pimenta é do Mar, mas o Humor é da Terra!

Aqui eu tenho duas gatas, uma delas vive na minha cama. Eu devo pedágio pra dormir desde 27 de abril de 2006.

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Rurouni Kenshin – The Kyoto Fire | Assista o primeiro teaser e veja duas novas imagens

Mundo Animado

5a26fb78-ca5a-4029-b4f4-66955165d59dDepois de ter um vídeo com qualidade baixa divulgado Rurouni Kenshin – The Kyoto Fire, tem seu primeiro teaser trailer divulgado, nele podemos ver o ator Tatsuya Fujiwara como o vilão enfaixado Shishio Makoto, o novo assassino da organização Ishin Shishi:

Como o trailer duas novas artes do filme também foram divulgadas:Rurouni-Kenshin-arte-22dez2013-02Rurouni-Kenshin-arte-22dez2013-01Rurouni Kenshin: The Kyoto Fire é o segundo filme da trilogia que ainda terá Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend’s Conclusion, o bom resultado nas bilheterias que chegaram a 70 milhões motivou o estúdio a formar uma trilogia, o segundo tem precisão de chegar nos cinemas ainda em 2014.
Os dois filmes terão como base o arco de Kyoto das HQs originais, com Kenshin mais uma vez vivido por Takeru Satoh enfrentando o novo assassino da organização Ishin Shishi.

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Injured dog found sleeping in nativity scene

(KTVI) – Something extra was discovered at a nativity scene in Glendale, Ohio.

A resident found a pit bull curled up sleeping in the hay on Friday.

The dog had injuries to his face and leg.

City officials took the injured animal to a vet and asked for help to find out if the dog had an owner. So far, no one has been found.

A rescue group has stepped up to care for the dog and find him a good home if no one claims the pit bull.

They have named him Gabriel.

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> (by Vivi Metaliun)

Delete a look that I had posted to you do not see anything wrong in that ignorant people …. more

We try traditional Japanese soup stock at a specialty standing bar in Tokyo

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Nihonbashi Dashi Bar There’s plenty of standing ramen bars in Japan, but this may be the first standing dashi bar. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, dashi is a soup stock that makes up the base of many delicious Japanese dishes such as miso soup and ramen. Typically made of shaved katsuo bushi (preserved bonito fish), dashi is the lifeblood of traditional Japanese food, adding plenty of umami to even the humblest of dishes. Let’s take a closer look at Nihonbashi Dashi Bar, a shop that specializes in serving hot dashi by the cupful.

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‘tis the season…


…to be vomitting, fala la la laa la la la laah.
First day if the holidays and all three have succumbed to the lovely norovirus, how lovely.

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