Retratos Surreais


No Bronx, em Nova York, Ben Zank se fascinou pela fotografia aos 18 anos, após descobrir uma Pentax ME no ático de sua avó, e passou a produzir autorretratos que tem por objetivo “esticar a imaginação dos espectadores e expressar seus sentimentos quando as palavras falham”, disse em seu portfólio:

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Christian Marclay na Paula Cooper

Jessica Zoob

Valentina Squadroni


Jessica trained at Central School of Art and Nottingham University, during which time she travelled extensively. For seven years, she worked as a theatre designer at countless venues including the Bristol Old Vic, the Royal National Theatre and Greenwich Theatre. Since 2000, Jessica has worked exclusively as a British contemporary artist from her East Sussex studio. She exhibits regularly in and around London and has works in private collections worldwide.

In the website it is possible to purchase some of her work.




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Chapter Eleven – Silence

Chinese artists create amazing physical representation of mother’s ideal vision of the afterlife




131214-helsinki-c4-3714Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.

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Red Maple Leaf in the Grass

Corinne's Photographs & Prints

A red, Autumn maple leaf has fallen in the grass as green surrounds it.

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