A white Eye


We have quit a number of different birds that visit the garden.  To capture them on camera is almost an alien story more suited for science fiction. We have even hung a ¨nectar bottle¨ in a tree hoping to get more of them a bit more passive instead of taking off at the first sign of human activity.  Oh, I must mention that the Hadedahs are a cheeky exception to the rule.  Yesterday I had the luck of a lotto winner with the Cape White-eyes feathery friends.  The following pics were taken from less than six meters from the nectar feeding bottle in a tree.  Patience paid.

Checking out if it is safe

Cape White-eye 1

Having my drink of nectar

Cape White-eye 2

Ah, my thirst is quenched

Cape White-eye 3

And then it was gone in a flash!

For the photographic technically minded these pics were taken with a Nikon D3000 and the Nikkor 55-200mm telephoto lens…

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The Jobless Jobs Report

Webner House

After a few months of encouraging jobs growth, the December employment report was a bummer. It indicated that the economy added only 74,000 jobs — far below the 200,000 that most economists were forecasting. Even though the job growth news was disappointing, the unemployment rate declined, because another 347,000 Americans stopped working or looking for work.

The economists think that December’s job growth number was an aberration that may have been caused by cold weather or other temporary conditions. Let’s assume they are right — although economists seem to be wrong in their forecasts much more often than they are on the money — and the job growth returns to the 150,000 to 200,000 new jobs per month rate we saw for most of 2013. Even if that happens, I think the focus on the job growth number is misplaced.

We need jobs, to be sure — but we…

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My Granddad just showed me his first selfie!