Yet even More LOTR pics: Stained Glass (ish!)


art : kari herer

Ultramarine Flycatcher

she does art

Ultramarine Flycatcher

the name is way too ninja for a bird like that.

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Watertower by Tom Fruin

Department of Everyday Visualingual

Watertower by Tom Fruin

Located on the roof of 20 Jay St. in DUMBO, Brooklyn, Watertower by Tom Fruin is part of The Water Tank Project, an initiative by Word Above the Street, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering environmental and social advocacy through art and technology.

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Photography: Sunset over Merton’s Heart

Studios win again in fight over user content: “safe harbors” not so safe, websites find


The long-running court battles between content owners and websites like YouTube often resembles the trench warfare of World War I: two sides engage in years of fighting at incalculable cost, and barely gain any ground. In recent months, however, one side — the movie and music studios — appears to have moved forward a few inches thanks to courts’ newfound willingness to invoke a “red flag” rule that makes websites accountable for copyright infringement committed by their users.

The rule, known as “red flag knowledge” is helping studios chip away at a so-called safe harbor law that is intended to prevent copyright law from squelching emerging technology. The result has been a spate of court victories for copyright holders, one that could even tilt the current balance of power between websites and content owners. Here’s a look at the recent developments and how they could make an interminable legal war even longer.

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“Vórtice polar” leva temperatura mais baixa em quatro décadas aos EUA