Where No Google Buses Go

Pueblo Lands

For every word written about the gentrification and displacement that is tearing San Francisco apart, there should be ten words written about the the poverty, environmental racism, and financial predation battering the smaller industrial cities of Contra Costa and Alameda counties. In suburban hinterlands north and east of Silicon Valley and San Francisco are the bankrupted municipalities of the Sacramento Delta and Carquinez Straight. We’re talking Stockton and Vallejo. Even closer are other cities devastated by the economic crisis, places like San Pablo, or Richmond from where you can see the rising skyline of San Francisco across the Bay, growing with towers of luxury apartments as it is.

Black and Latino residents have already been pushed to the fringes of San Francisco, both geographically and in the employment ranks of the new tech-centric economy. Fleets of Silicon Valley company buses that clog San Francisco’s streets picking up and dropping off…

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Southern Collard Greens: Good All Year

Putney Farm

It’s traditional in the south to serve slow-cooked, smoky collard greens to celebrate the New Year, and we are all for it. But frankly, collards are so good, we enjoy them any time we can get them. Here in California, that usually means winter after a frost. And while we have had almost no winter rains so far, it has gotten cold enough that we saw some collards at the farmers market. We bought a big batch, cooked them up for the New Years and are still enjoying them. We never seem to get enough greens.

collards2colards3collards4Unfamiliar with collard greens? Basically a forerunner of kale (and in the same family) collards are big leafy greens with larger, rounder leaves than kale and with a bigger, earthier flavor. The main differences (that we know of) is that collards need to cook longer than most types of kale and loses its color…

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New product stirs your natto 424 times to bring out its ultimate flavor

SoraNews24 -Japan News-


Whether you love it or won’t go near the stuff, there’s no denying that natto is an important part of the Japanese diet. The fermented soybeans are notorious for scaring foreigners away with their pungent odor and sticky strands. If you’re someone who’s not convinced that natto could ever taste good, then keep reading: Japanese corporation Takara Tomy Arts has recently announced a new product that guarantees the ultimate natto dining experience. Introducing the new Natto Flavor Enhancing Machine.

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“Oh, sorry…wrong dog”

Conheça a história do núcleo principal de “Em família”

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Conheça a história do núcleo principal de "Em família"

A Globo já começou com a divulgação de “Em Família“, nova novela de Manoel Carlos, substituta de “Amor à Vida” que estreia no próximo dia 02 de fevereiro na Globo.

O enredo principal se passa no relacionamento conflituoso entre Helena  (Julia Dalavia/Bruna Marquezine/Julia Lemmertz), seu primo Laerte (Eike Duarte/Guilherme Leicam/Gabriel Braga Nunes) e o artesão Virgílio (Arthur Aguiar/Nando Rodrigues/Humberto Martins). A história do triângulo amoroso acontecerá em três fases que se acontecem entre os anos 1980 e 2014, e percorrem a cidade de Goias e se desenrola no bairro do Leblon, no Rio de Janeiro.

Guilherme Leicam, Bruna Marquezine e Nando Rodrigues vivem triângulo amoroso na fase 2 da novela (Foto: João Miguel JR./Globo)

Com o primo Laerte (Guilherme Leicam), a relação é de amor e possessão. Com o artesão Virgílio (Nando Rodrigues), de carinho e amizade. Porém, apesar de nutrir sentimentos diferentes pelos dois, Helena (Bruna Marquezine) está sempre no meio tentando apaziguar os ânimos. O trio é inseparável, mas o ciúme de Laerte é evidente:…

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Brussels Sprouts, Broad Bean and Leek Risotto

Is America’s most realistic sit-com a cartoon?

Humor in America

By Ben Anderson

King of the HIll image hank hillI had two weeks off work recently and much to my wife’s chagrin I spent it watching whole seasons of my favourite sitcoms in a single sitting. Among the miasma of single New Yorkers and ugly guys with hot wives one show stayed in my memory, Mike Judge’s animated sitcom King of the Hill. It’s an underrated programme which won two Emmys and ran for 13 seasons, longer than even Friends or Seinfeld. What made the show standout was its low key, realistic approach to comedy. This wasn’t 22 minutes of redneck stereotypes but a show with a defined sense of place and character. Judge and co-creator Greg Daniels kept the show grounded for more than a decade, striving to find humour in the conventional and ultimately creating what Time TV critic James Poniewozik called “The most acutely observed, realistic sitcom about regional American life bar none”.


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