A white Eye


We have quit a number of different birds that visit the garden.  To capture them on camera is almost an alien story more suited for science fiction. We have even hung a ¨nectar bottle¨ in a tree hoping to get more of them a bit more passive instead of taking off at the first sign of human activity.  Oh, I must mention that the Hadedahs are a cheeky exception to the rule.  Yesterday I had the luck of a lotto winner with the Cape White-eyes feathery friends.  The following pics were taken from less than six meters from the nectar feeding bottle in a tree.  Patience paid.

Checking out if it is safe

Cape White-eye 1

Having my drink of nectar

Cape White-eye 2

Ah, my thirst is quenched

Cape White-eye 3

And then it was gone in a flash!

For the photographic technically minded these pics were taken with a Nikon D3000 and the Nikkor 55-200mm telephoto lens…

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