Saints Can’t Stop Marshawn Lynch Yet Again In Sloppy Loss To Seahawks


Veja os 10 empregos mais e menos estressantes

Dicas do Celso

militar camuflado mataPesquisa do, site norte-americano especializado em empregos, listou os empregos mais e menos estressantes para 2014 nos Estados Unidos. No topo da lista das funções mais desgastantes está o cargo de militar. Já a menos estressante foi a profissão de fonoaudiólogo.

O ranking dos 10 empregos mais estressantes é composto por: militar alistado, general militar, bombeiro, piloto de companhia aérea, coordenador de eventos, executivo de relações públicas, executivo corporativo sênior, repórter (jornal), policial e taxista.

As 10 profissões menos estressantes são: fonoaudiólogo, cabeleireiro, joalheiro, professor universitário (titular), costureira, nutricionista, técnico de registros médicos, bibliotecário, artista multimídia e operador de máquinas (furadeira).

O levantamento é baseado em 11 fatores: viagens (quanto mais, mais estresse), potencial de crescimento (local com poucas oportunidades cria mais estresse), prazos, trabalho aos olhos do público, competitividade dentro da organização, exigências físicas, condições ambientais, risco de vida, perigos que podem ser enfrentados, encontro e interação com…

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A lonely quest for scientific fact on GMO crops


Rainbow papaya, GMO and grown on Hawaii for decades = 3/4’s of the papaya crop

From the moment the bill to ban genetically engineered crops on the island of Hawaii was introduced in May 2013, it garnered more vocal support than any the County Council here had ever considered, even the perennially popular bids to decriminalize marijuana.

Public hearings were dominated by recitations of the ills often attributed to genetically modified organisms, or G.M.O.s: cancer in rats, a rise in childhood allergies, out-of-control superweeds, genetic contamination, overuse of pesticides, the disappearance of butterflies and bees.

Like some others on the nine-member Council, Greggor Ilagan was not even sure at the outset of the debate exactly what genetically modified organisms were: living things whose DNA has been altered, often with the addition of a gene from a distant species, to produce a desired trait. But he could see why almost all…

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Draw Me Like One of Your French Poodles

Domingo, um passeio no campo!

Peregrinacultural's Weblog

FELISBERTO RANZINI - Paisagem de Petrópolis - Óleo sobre madeira - 11 x 16Paisagem de Petrópolis, s/d

Felisberto Ranzini (Brasil, 1881-1976)

óleo sobre tela, 11 x 16

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Seattle Puts the “D” in “We Dat!”

a darkness inside the light

Work in Progress...

hot tears streamed down her face as she sat patiently. this overwhelming connection to the father she never had  grabbed her by the throat. it choked her. gripped her chest and weighed heavy as she tried to breathe. she slowly looked into the framed mirror. saw someone quietly sitting there she did not want to see. saw the evil she came from. the evil she thought she could consciously hide from. but there it was. staring at her with its tear stained cheeks. she tightly squeezed her eye lids shut, trying to block out the image of her hands.

“not my hands. not mine.” she screeched inside her head. but the images kept coming. images in black and white, choppy, soundless on old celluloid film. she saw herself walking to her car. her shift had ended at 7pm but there were emergency admissions at the hospital, so she stayed four…

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