America’s Cup Cost SF $11.5 Million, Doubling Estimates

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Newly released figures on Monday revealed that the City Of San Francisco lost $11.5 million hosting the 34th America’s Cup—double what was previously estimated.

Initial figures released last December stated the event cost the city’s taxpayers about $5.5 million but that did not include expenses for the Port of San Francisco, which has its own budget funded by rent revenue from its property—not taxes.

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The latest analysis was requested by Supervisor John Avalos.

“The event authority for the America’s Cup has not really tried very hard to maximize the benefits of the city. Certainly they’ve been trying to maximize the benefit to themselves.”

The report by the Board of Supervisors budget and legislative analyst comes as Mayor Ed Lee and Oracle Team USA have been negotiating over whether San…

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U.S. Plan to Lift Wolf Protections in Doubt After Experts Question Science (Science)

Uma (in)certa antropologia

8 February 2014 10:45 am

Canis lupusWikimedia/USFWS. Canis lupus

The ongoing battle over a proposal to lift U.S. government protections for the gray wolf (Canis lupus) across the lower 48 states isn’t likely to end quickly. An independent, peer-review panel yesterday gave a thumbs-down to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS’s) plan to delist the wolf. Although not required to reach a consensus, the four researchers on the panel were unanimous in their opinion that the proposal “does not currently represent the ‘best available science.’ ”

“It’s stunning to see a pronouncement like this—that the proposal is not scientifically sound,” says Michael Nelson, an ecologist at Oregon State University, Corvallis, who was not one of the reviewers. Many commentators regard it as a major setback for USFWS, which stumbled last year in a previous attempt to get the science behind its proposal reviewed.

USFWS first released its plan…

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The World According To Gem

Cute Overload

We’ve got a Gem update for you! You’ll recall her story we’ve been following here and here. She seems to be settling in quite nicely in her new SF home..she even has a new Facebook page, which is where we found these photos. Gem was sent this coat while she was at the SF Animal Care & Control facility. (And notice juuuuust the slightest hint of a Baroo…)

(Oops, can’t forget this video clip. Tried to embed it but it wouldn’t play nice.)

Here she is meeting a new friend.

A local SF pet store donated a gift card to Gem, so she could go shopping for treats and toys.

Gem and her Mini-Me.

Thanks to Cuteporter Tonya C. for the FB tip.

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Finnish Lapland trees in winter

Not just for small merchants anymore, Square Stand debuts in Whole Foods


Square’s sleekly designed point-of-sale terminals have started popping up at Whole Foods(s wfm) delis, pizza counters and beverage stands in select grocery stores around the country. Square Stand won’t replace the traditional register and credit card readers found in the checkout lanes, but they will allow Whole Foods customers to buy a sandwich or a cup of coffee without getting in a checkout line.

If you’ve ever been to Whole Foods during the week at noon, you know that most customers there aren’t shopping for groceries; They’re eating lunch. Whole Foods is using Square to capitalize on that cafeteria-style atmosphere, letting casual shoppers buy their meals and drinks at the counter.


Square Stand can accept credit cards and cash, though Whole Foods didn’t say if it would accept hard currency at these satellite registers. At some stores, customers will also be able to pay by smartphone with Square’s own payments…

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The Rejected Lover — Oskar Kokoschka

A note to the staff of Libération in France: Yes, your paper needs to be a social and cultural hub


Earlier this week, a fight between the staff and shareholders of the legendary French newspaper Libération — which was founded by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre in the 1970s — broke out into the open when the employees of the left-wing periodical put their grievances in large type on the front page, saying they didn’t want to be a “cultural hub” or social-media engine or a TV studio, but just wanted to be a newspaper and do journalism. They couldn’t be more wrong.

As The Guardian and others have described the dispute, the shareholders of the paper want to turn the heritage building that houses Libération into a kind of cultural and social space to hold events, and they want the staff to focus on building up their presence on social-media platforms as well as moving more quickly into areas like mobile. And presumably some or all of these decisions are…

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