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For the past few days we’ve been talking about how to integrate florals into your spring wardrobe, but what about you home decor? Flowers are the ultimate bachelorette pad pattern. They’re feminine, romantic and so beautiful. It’s easy to add florals to your home, especially when the elements to make DIY floral decor are 15% off! Check out these inspirational photos, and then head onto our Floral Shop and get your DIY supplies!


This flower wall is a real attention-grabber. The rest of the decor is minimal because the wall packs such a punch.

Green Floral Wallpaper in Bathroom

Make a statement with beautiful wallpaper. This green wallpaper is in a color that’s calming and has a really luxurious feel.


If you’re allergic to huge prints and bold patterns, add flowers in small doses; a rose on your pillow, a sunflower on your mug.


You can DIY these botanical soap dispensers are a great way to make…

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Billions Of Crazy Ants Set To Invade Houston

CBS Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (CBS Houston) – In the next few weeks, billions of Rasberry Crazy Ants will descend on Houston after already invading more than 20 counties in Texas.

“These ants are so much more powerful than fire ants. When these crazy ants move in they take over,” Tom Rasberry, a Pearland exterminator, told KPRC.

In 2002, Rasberry discovered the unique ant variety known as the Tawny Crazy Ant, but are nicknamed after him. The ants, which originally came from South America, are known for their sheer numbers and for their irregular movements.

“They’re 10,000 times tougher than fire ants,” Rasberry said. “They’re much more difficult to control.”

Rasberry Crazy Ants don’t sting or bite, but they prefer to live under rocks, in lawns and sometimes in trees instead of creating ant hills.

“They can get into electrical equipment. They get electrocuted, and unfortunately that signals other ants to the…

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Illustrated Spaces by Florence Blanchard AKA Ema

When you have a cat, it’s important to assert dominance over it.

When you have a cat, it’s important to assert dominance over it.


The Pond at Evermore – Sunday Photo Fiction

Lighthouse in the distance

Garbanzos Fritos con Langostina

hungry sofia

IMG_0006 Last year I took what felt like a slightly selfish trip to New Orleans.  My excuse was book research, so I decided beforehand not to post or take too many pictures.  It felt like if I stopped to post or take a picture every time I saw something beautifully strange or strangely familiar in New Orleans, I’d do little else.  Strange because it’s a city so completely itself that it makes you come all the way there to experience it and familiar because I’d always heard stories from my family about New Orleans when it was a short jump from Havana.  There were so many parallels that it wasn’t surprising that so many of my relatives settled there when they left Cuba in the 1960s.

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The Road to Nowhere