Split-Second Story 4: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


Today’s edition of “Split-Second Story” comes to you from Oxford, England, where self spent the day on the grounds of Christ Church, one of Oxford’s largest colleges, founded by King Henry VIII in 1532 (Self watched a 15-minute video at the Visitor Center).

Here are a few things she learned from the video:

The chapel is Norman, built in the 11th century.

Saint Frideswide, “England’s first saint,” became renowned for her chastity by rejecting the advances of an amorous king.  Since the king was absolutely relentless, Frideswide took refuge in the woods of Oxfordshire, and became the center of a cult of devotees which included Catherine of Aragon.

And now to the pictures which, of all the dozens she took today, feel most evocative of “story-in-a-single-frame”:

A knight in full armor lies in state in Christ Church Chapel, Oxford. A knight in full armor lies in state in Christ Church Chapel, Oxford.

Self saw ducks feeding on bread crumbs left by visitors. Self saw ducks feeding on bread crumbs left by visitors.

Father Haslam, Dublin native:  He is 92, self knew him in the Philippines. He is here regaling the waitress with a story.  He is a fabulous raconteur. Father…

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Interview: Northern Lite


Northern Lite - Photo courtesy of Northern Lite Northern Lite – Photo courtesy of Northern Lite

Though German electropop band Northern Lite was formed in Erfurt back in 1997, the members consider Berlin to be a city instrumental in their growth.

“The career of Northern Lite somehow started here,” said singer Andreas Kubat. “Our first gig in Berlin was in the Stern TV [and since then] Berlin is just our city.”

That show, which took place more than a decade ago, was in a small venue at Alexanderplatz. Northern Lite was the only group performing, and the place was packed, with 200 people inside to see the show. Now, when Kubat recalls that evening, he sees it as a sort of crucial moment for the band; from that point on, the number of people attending shows seemed to grow exponentially.

When Kubat first started the band with keyboard player Sebastian Bohn, it was immediately clear to him that it…

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The View From Your Window Contest

The Dish


You have until noon on Tuesday to guess it. City and/or state first, then country. Please put the location in the subject heading, along with any description within the email. If no one guesses the exact location, proximity counts.  Be sure to email entries to contest@andrewsullivan.com. Winner gets a free The View From Your Window book or two free gift subscriptions to the Dish. Have at it.

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Parasyte manga’s Migi stuffed toy is an affront to nature and our eyeballs


PN 1

As visual media, it’s in the best interest of most anime and manga to be aesthetically pleasing. After all, the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from looking at something cute or pretty has kept fans coming back to Pokémon and the works of Studio Ghibli for decades. It’s also great for driving merchandise sales. After all, what anime fan wouldn’t sleep tight with a stuffed Pikachu or Totoro to cuddle as they doze off?

On the other hand though, if you’re trying to fight off drowsiness, we recommend decorating your room with a plush toy from the manga series Parasyte, which is so shockingly terrifying you may never close your eyes again.

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[ARTICLE] Dara-CL, Radio DJ – Took a Photo as a Proof of Participation as Guest, “What an embarrassing moment!”

Let’s Party!

Caturday: We ASKED For Some Friskie’s~

Cute Overload

[And look what they gave us. GRAPEFRUIT. Have YOU ever seen a kitteh nom a GRAPEFRUIT? That’s it, I’m outta here. You guys stay if you want.]

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Come here USA! #1 – O Começo

A Real Barbecue Burger

Putney Farm

bbq7Here at the farm, we don’t tend to get overly exercised about all the silliness in the world of food marketing. Trends come and go, health claims are made (and debunked) and everything ends up “super” or “mega” or “free” of something. And normally we just say “meh”, and go back to cooking.

bbq1bbqBut recently I saw an ad for a “Big Barbecue Burger” that was just a big burger (cooked on a flat top) with onion rings and some barbecue sauce. And that got me thinking, “there is barely anything ‘barbecue’ about that burger except the sauce….that’s kinda lame”. And then I decided that we needed to make a real barbecue burger. Happily, we had an easy solution.

bbq2bbq3To have a real “Barbecue Burger” you need to have some real barbecue. And since we just pulled pork for Memorial Day, we had leftovers. Normally we crisp up the leftovers for tacos…

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Solomon’s seal



140531-kalliokielo-c2-RISL9040My favorite. Espoo, Finland 05/2013.

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