Menstruation Matters Because Girls Matter. Period.

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Dr. Emily Wilson-Smith Dr. Emily Wilson-Smith

Written by Dr. Emily Wilson-Smith – Chair of Irise International 

Before I even set foot in Uganda as a teenager I had anticipated period horror. I took myself to my general practitioner and explained that the combination of a pit latrine and a period just wasn’t going to work out for me. There was nothing for it but for him to give me the pill. It took me another five years to work out that women and girls in Uganda had to endure the pit latrine-period combo every month and that it didn’t really work for them either.

It is fair to say I was a bit slow in coming to this conclusion. A group of girls had to spell it out for me during some research in their school. Menstruation wasn’t even on my radar. They explained that they could not afford pads and were using…

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Up and Out

Becoming Cliche

Last year, a mother Carolina wren made a wonderful nest on my back porch. For two weeks, we watched the parents tend to their youngsters. I don’t know a lot about this species, so those twelve days of observation taught me a lot. For example, in that very short period of time, the chicks grow tremendously. At the end of twelve days, they are almost as big as their parents. But though they are adult-size, mom and dad don’t expect them to behave like grown-ups. Even when the babies are so large that the nest is literally bursting at the seams, the parents tend them carefully. Then they bring them from the nest and begin teaching them to fly, letting them take little flights from branch to branch to strengthen their wings. Now this process has a whole new meaning for me.

Tiny, helpless, impressionable. They need their parents to teach them how to be who they are. Tiny, helpless, impressionable. They need their parents to…

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Friday Haiku

I was meant to be a psychologist: But Why?


I was meant to be a psychologist: But Why?

I was a smarty pants, book smarts girl from the South Bronx. I read ten books a week sometimes for books were my escape into other worlds and realms of possibilities. I knew there was more out there than what was surrounding me in the immediate square block.  At a young age I wrote my first novel on a type writer my aunt bought me for Christmas one year. That typewriter was one of the very few Christmas gifts I ever got.  Because of my love of writing and its rare status as a Christmas gift, I treasured that typewriter immensely.

I would run home and type away on it one finger at a time. I started teaching myself to draw so that I could draw a cover to my book. My mom beamed with joy as she had always wanted…

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Cuidados com os animais no inverno

Who’s Driving? Not You…


Occasionally a new technology is unveiled for which the politics and ideologies driving it are thinly veiled, at best. Sometimes a new device’s ideology is secreted away in the trunk or the glove compartment, from time to time it may laugh boisterously from the back seat, at times it may even sit shotgun, but every now and then the ideology is the whole car. The latter is the case with Google’s newly announced “self-driving cars” which are just as much a metaphor, if not more so, for the state of our technological society as they are actual vehicles. The self-driving cars are the reification of a particular technological worldview, one in which under the guise of new freedoms we are asked to surrender more control to technology.

Google’s ambition to release such vehicles is not particularly new – it is a project that has been in the works for quite…

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The Astros Are Not Back, But Let’s Enjoy The Ride

CBS Houston

Houston (CBS Houston) – I realized it in the bottom of the ninth… There I was, cheering on Chad Qualls as he went for the save. It felt like the good times, like 2005.

I’ve missed baseball in Houston.

The Astros have been an afterthought for far too long. It’s hard to get excited about minor league reports and draft picks. It’s weird walking into a major league clubhouse where you only recognize a couple of players. But May has brought with it George Springer and a temporary escape from the pain.

Springer has given Houston something to talk about. Hell, he’s given the country something to talk about (turn on SportsCenter or FS1 today). More importantly, he’s brought attention to a team that is on the right track.

Jose Altuve is leading the majors in hits, George Springer has seven home runs in seven games, and Jonathan Singleton is on his way.

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