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A Real Barbecue Burger

Putney Farm

bbq7Here at the farm, we don’t tend to get overly exercised about all the silliness in the world of food marketing. Trends come and go, health claims are made (and debunked) and everything ends up “super” or “mega” or “free” of something. And normally we just say “meh”, and go back to cooking.

bbq1bbqBut recently I saw an ad for a “Big Barbecue Burger” that was just a big burger (cooked on a flat top) with onion rings and some barbecue sauce. And that got me thinking, “there is barely anything ‘barbecue’ about that burger except the sauce….that’s kinda lame”. And then I decided that we needed to make a real barbecue burger. Happily, we had an easy solution.

bbq2bbq3To have a real “Barbecue Burger” you need to have some real barbecue. And since we just pulled pork for Memorial Day, we had leftovers. Normally we crisp up the leftovers for tacos…

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Solomon’s seal



140531-kalliokielo-c2-RISL9040My favorite. Espoo, Finland 05/2013.

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MLC Bakeshop in Winooski. Coffee on the house, made my morning. #presinpink



LE MERAVIGLIE (The Wonders) directed by Alice Rohrwacher (Italy, 2014)

Le Meraviglie is an unconventional drama set in a contemporary Tuscan landscape which is a far cry from the picturesque scenery you find in travel brochures.

It’s the kind of modest, low-budget independent movie that could easily disappear without trace yet should gain wider recognition after winning the Grand Jury prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

The somewhat contrived, plot revolves around the working life of a bee farmer of German origin and his family. This man (Sam Louwyk) clings to the anachronistic and primitive lifestyle placing a high value in self-sufficiency. His bark is worse than his bite but he is still not a man to get on the wrong side of.

His paternal role is a fragile one and he cannot fail to be cognizant of the fact that the world around him is changing fast. The…

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CNC Zen Garden

Wretched smell forces plane to make emergency landing

PHILADELPHIA – The internet is buzzing about a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing due to a wretched smell.

Hundreds of Twitter users uploaded pictures along with complaints after a dog pooped in the cabin multiple times on Wednesday.

The plane was reportedly already running two hours behind when it took off from L.A. International Airport before things went downhill.

Passengers reported that the large dog went to the bathroom in the plane’s aisle as many as three-times, causing passengers nearby to be physically ill.

According to passenger reports, the plane diverted to Kansas City, Missouri, where a cleaning crew cleaned the messes, before eventually making its way to Philadelphia.

According to 5 NBC Chicago, “U.S. Airways spokesman Andrew Christie called the incident a “rare and unfortunate situation.”

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