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The motivations for spending and saving in Myanmar (and how tech is changing that)


Myanmar is a country with very low formal banking penetration, but changes are afoot. It will soon have its first country-wide 3G network. Other developments include significant inward investment, the growth of a more stable, flexible financial policy, and an upcoming stock exchange, which should further stimulate domestic financial activity after it opens in 2015.

In March of this year, a team from Myanmar-based Proximity Designs, frog and my strategy consultancy Studio D Radiodurans mapped Myanmar’s changing financial landscape. I’ve been working in the financial inclusion space for a decade, helping organizations understand the unique needs of resource-constrained consumers and designing products to meet those needs. I founded Studio D Radiodurans to help companies and organizations that are specifically looking to connect with mass market consumers in emerging markets, such as China, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

Most of you reading this are sophisticated banking customers. You expect instant access…

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