Bird of the Day: Snowy Plover (Carpinteria State Beach, California)

Coconut Palm Leaf Roofing


Photo credits : Shymon Photo credits: Shymon

In rural communities around the world it’s a common sight to see structures made from 100% natural and sustainable materials, and Kerala is no exception, especially in the Alappuzha district. In thatched homes the roof and walls are made out of coconut leaves.

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Bird of the Day: Jungle Fowl – Male (Thattekad, Kerala)

Watersports In The Sand



Something about the sand, and the artists, down under…we give thanks to the New Zealand Herald for this story which, among other possible interpretations, demonstrates that much a great time can be had with much lower carbon footprint while engaging in sport at the beach, and on better yet it is a collaborative effort among several artists:

A group of imaginative artists has shown magic can be made from a few simple lines in the sand.

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Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary – Kerala


Photo Credits : Surus Photo Credits: Surus

Parambikulam is located in the Palakkat district of Kerala. It is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots that supports diverse types of habitat and wildlife. Considering its biological richness, abundance of wildlife and  scenic beauty, the Sanctuary is one of the most attractive national parks in the entire stretch of the Western Ghats.

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Bird of the Day: Snowy Plover (Coal Oil Point Preserve, California)

If You Do Not Happen To Be In Monterey Bay, You Might Want To Be


Something is happening in the Bay Area, and it is worth a listen, or a quick read. National Public Radio (USA) has a podcast version of this story here:

Monterey Bay on California’s central coast rests atop one of the largest underwater canyons in the world. It’s deeper than the Grand Canyon, making it possible for lots of ocean life — including humpback whales, orcas, dolphins and sea lions — to be seen extremely close to shore. That is, given the right circumstances. Lately, the right circumstances have converged, and there’s more marine and wildlife in the bay than anyone’s seen in recent memory.

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