A Poem For Saturday

The Dish


Dish poetry editor Alice Quinn writes:

The English poet Ted Hughes presented a series of BBC programs in the 1960s addressed primarily to children to help them feel at home with writing poetry. “In these talks,” he wrote, “I assume that the latent talent for self-expression in any child is immeasurable.” These were later anthologized in a book very much worth looking for titled Poetry in the Making: An Anthology of Poems and Programmes from ‘Listening and Writing’. In it, he outlines all sorts of valuable poetic exercises and comments on poems that illustrate his points. From the chapter, “Writing about People”:

From time to time I have read a good deal about Sir Francis Bacon, the great Elizabethan statesman and philosopher. . . . I read a lot about him while just searching for the clue that would tell me what he was really like. At last I…

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Back To The Good Part: Chickz on the Beach!

Park Your Drones, Say National Parks

Smile In Tanzania

Broken Light Collective

Please welcome first-time contributor Antalia Terblanche, a 19-year-old who lives in Bexleyheath, London, and suffers from depression. Antalia used to self-harm and struggle with bulimia. She sought treatment two years ago, after her teachers noticed her grades slipping and her absence at school. She had been experiencing suicidal dreams leading to suicidal thoughts, and panic attacks at the thought of going to school. The counseling, in addition to support from her family, and the few friends that understood her illness, helped immensely. It was a hard struggle. She sometimes feels empty and numb, but her medication and positive mindset help melt the darkness away. She is in a happy place with her life now; studying at university with great family support behind her.  She carries on looking positively.

About this photo: “Photo was taken in Tanzania, Mpwapwa Village.  I went to visit Tanzania for a couple of weeks with my sixth form in 2012 to help…

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Daily Prompt: Set for Solstice and for a soccer match

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Today’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? Do you like it, or do you already miss earlier sunsets.

Sunset in Feldbrunnen

We have some pretty sunsets at this time of the year, especially if we have had good weather during the day. As the golden sun sinks slowly in the West, we do not have John Wayne slowly trotting into the disappearing width of the prairie, as we do not have prairies, just fields, cows, and a few mountains in between. All the same a Swiss sundown has its charm, even from my little village.

One advantage of this solstice thing is that I can stay outside until late and read my Kindle with no problems. I always have a book somewhere and uploading them from good old Aunty Amazon is a…

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