Tips on Photographing with an Infrared-Converted Camera

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I have been wanting to play with an infrared-converted camera for quite some time.  So I contacted the folks at, one of the sponsors here on Photofocus, and was able to test out an IR-converted Canon 5D Mark II (they also have other types of IR-converted cameras available to rent as well). It was sent directly to my doorstep in a few days, ready to go! I have been considering converting one of my cameras to infrared, and in my opinion, renting one is the best way to see if an IR conversion is worth it (or any purchase, for that matter). You can un-convert your camera back to “normal” if you don’t like it, but it costs more money to do so.

Photographing with an IR-converted camera is a little bit different than using a normal DSLR. Here are some of the tips and tricks I learned while using an IR-converted camera:

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