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“Is This Cute Enough For Ya, Punk?”

Blimp flies over NSA data centre protesting our secret police


anti-nsa blimp
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Activists flew a blimp emblazoned with the words “Illegal Spying Below” over the National Security Agency’s data centre in Utah on Friday in protest against the US government’s mass surveillance programmes.

The one-hour flight was carried out by the environmental group Greenpeace, digital rights activists the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a conservative political organisation, the Tenth Amendment Centre.

The 41 metre blimp, owned by Greenpeace, was adorned with a sign that read “NSA Illegal Spying Below”.

In an email to Reuters the agency declined to comment. But a spokesman did note there was no restricted airspace over the data centre, housed on the grounds of the Utah National Guard’s Camp Williams in Bluffdale, 23 miles (37km) south of Salt Lake City.

The NSA says the facility provides the government with intelligence and warnings about cyber security threats. It is thought to be the agency’s largest data storage…

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DIY Chipotle Corn Salsa & Vinaigrette

Chipotle DIY

As I mentioned in my latest favorite things post, I have discovered Chipotle and cannot get enough,  I think their salads are the best thing ever. I get mine with lettuce, chicken, sautéed peppers &  onions, mild salsa, corn salsa, sour cream and cheese with the chipotle lime vinaigrette.  After going there for the 20th time I realized that the only special thing in these is the vinaigrette and the corn salsa. I did a little digging online and figured out both would be pretty easy to replicate and set out to try it.

The corn salsa is a simple mixture of corn (of course), jalapeno, red onion, cilantro and lime juice. It sounds simple but it makes all the difference in this salad! The sweet creaminess from the corn is offset by the fresh tang of the lime juice and heightens the flavor of everything else.  The…

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Mrs. Feeding Her Little Guys

The Chapel

Early morning was magical.  Max and I took a stroll of the neighbourhood…checked out the recent blooms and took our time honouring the beauty of the quiet and the light spilling over everything.  The magpie babes are growing in independence, three of them at one point, lined up on a garden fence squawking at us.  Even as we stood still, they stared us down and in tandem, belted out their annoyance with us.  Their tail feathers are growing longer.

At our own nest, the first siting of at least two young ones.  They bopped their heads out of the nest to meet the offerings of Mrs.  She astutely pushed them deeper into the nest again and again.

A cat was sitting boldly on our front door step, but Max quickly took care of that.  The neighbourhood is alive with energy, struggle and beauty.  Life is a marvelous thing.


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Ramadan, Day 2: Approaching the Qur’an

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