Asprodes impulsa un plan formativo en turismo para discapacitados en las sierras


Altair Sierras Béjar-Francia, un proyecto de innovación social y empleo en turismo rural accesible e inclusivoAltair Sierras Béjar-Francia, un proyecto de innovación social y empleo en turismo rural accesible e inclusivo

La asociación Asprodes ha impulsado en Béjar un proyecto para formar en turismo rural a los discapacitados de la provincia con el objetivo de abrir nuevas vías de empleo e integración sociolaboral.

La iniciativa se denomina Altair Sierras Béjar-Francia: un proyecto de innovación social y empleo en turismo rural accesible e inclusivo” y, aunque se desarrolla en la ciudad textil, tiene, como su nombre indica un campo de acción más amplio.

El programa comenzó a funcionar en una primera fase el año pasado, si bien, hasta el momento no ha habido presentación oficial en la ciudad, donde, además, Asprodes se ha hecho con el antiguo centro de turismo rural “Barro Colorao”, ubicado en la carretera de Fuentebuena. El programa recibió el impulso económico de diferentes fundaciones y entidades al tratarse de una…

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Inspired Sherlock Fashion Line


Gold Bubble Clothing–the company that brought you the Last Unicorn outfits I reviewed last month–have struck again. These guys have a nerd girl’s heart and an eye for what makes good design. Presenting: Sherlock.


Yes, it’s a little bit on the expected side to have the door that Holmes and Watson spend their off hours posing in front of, but admit it. You’d totally buy it. Also it makes a really nice color and pattern for a frock.

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As TV Keeps Changing, the Emmys Stay a Few Steps Behind


Thursday morning’s live announcement of the Emmy nominations began with a statement about how dramatically the business of TV is changing. And it’s true–Emmy nominees can come from broadcast TV, premium cable, basic cable, streaming and public TV. I watched the announcements on Yahoo TV, which next year could be a (theoretical) contender with the sixth season of Community. In December, a live-action drama, Powers, will premiere on a video game platform, the Sony Playstation Network. It was almost quaint that the major awards nominations were announced by Mindy Kaling and Carson Daly, two broadcast TV personalities.

But have the Emmys kept up with it? The awards opened the books to some deserving new shows and performers this year–Fargo, Orange Is the New Black, Silicon Valley–but overall the inclusions and omissions in the major categories suggested that Emmy voters have a two- or three-year…

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Emmy Nominations 2014: Why Orange Is the New Black Stars Qualify as “Guest” Actresses


The nominations for this year’s Emmy awards — which were announced this morning — may surprise some viewers, and not just because Orphan Black got snubbed. In the guest actor/actress categories, there are a few people who seem pretty much the opposite of “guests” on their shows. For example: Orange Is the New Black‘s crucial Laverne Cox (as Sophia Burset), Natasha Lyonne (as Nicky Nichols) and Uzo Aduba (as Crazy Eyes), and Masters of Sex‘s Allison Janney and Beau Bridges (as Margaret and Barton Scully).

How are those actors in the same category as guests who show up in one or two episodes (like Paul Giamatti, who briefly appeared as Harold Levinson on Downton Abbey) or stop by to host for a night (like SNL‘s Jimmy Fallon, Louis C.K., Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy)? After all, unlike those more obvious guests, the actors in question appear…

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In Hope Let Freedom Be in All of This

Born to Be

Recommended Listening Soundtrack: All of This by The Naked and Famous

As I walked out the door to the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison. Nelson Mandela

Julian Assange. Chelsea Manning. Edward Snowden. Palestinians. Israelis. You. Me. Everyone. What do we all have in common? This question vexes me, and is one I have been unable to ignore since a run-in with one of my favorite songs, an interview on Democracy Now and the US’s most recent national holiday on the 4th of July.

When the song by The Soup Dragons titled I’m Free came out, me and 2 of my best friends with a new license to drive would whirl around town blaring that song over and over again (when I say over and over again, I really mean OVER AND…

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Man Charged In Houston-Area Slayings Of 6 People

Astros Escape Cellar In 8-4 Win Over Rangers