Yikes: School teacher accused of animal abuse for hoarding 400 living, dead snakes


Santa Ana, CA (KTLA) — An elementary school teacher was convicted Thursday of animal abuse for hoarding and improperly housing over 400 snakes in his Santa Ana home.

William Frederick Buchman pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of animal abuse by a caretaker, according to a news release from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

He was immediately sentenced to three years formal probation and 100 hours of volunteer community service.

The 53-year-old was also required to undergo a 16-week animal neglect prevention program and was barred from owning, possessing, caring for, or living with any animal for five years.

In addition, the judge ordered Buchman to pay $17,000 in restitution for veterinary treatment and animal care, the release stated.

Buchman was arrested on January 29 by police investigating calls about a foul smell coming from his house.

When they went inside the home, authorities found 400 ball…

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Views From New Ferry

Mark Simms Photography

New Ferry and Rock Ferry are next door neighbours. In the first shot I’m standing at the point where the New Ferry pier used to stretch-out into the Mersey, and you can see in the background the Rock Ferry pier which has been the subject of previous posts:

New Ferry, Wirral, England

New Ferry, Wirral, England

Both Rock Ferry and New Ferry take their names from the ferry services that used to shuttle passengers across the river Mersey to Liverpool on the other side. According to Wikipedia, the New Ferry service was forced to close after a ship collided with the pier in thick fog, in the early hours of 30 January 1922. Due to declining passenger numbers, improved local land-based public transport and a close proximity to the Rock Ferry service, it never reopened. The Rock Ferry service itself discontinued on 30 June 1939. Ferries still operate on the Mersey from the terminals at Woodside and…

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The secret of the fox, A Poem

Nigel Borrington

The Fox
Image of a Fox in old dead wood,
Photography : Nigel Borrington

The secret of the fox
is an ancient mystery
Held somewhere deep in the woods.

I know he is hiding.
What is his sound?

Will we ever know
Will it always be a mystery
What would he say?

“The Fox” by Ylvis

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“As numerous as the hairs on a cow”, Beijing’s hutongs

notes from camelid country

Before they were systematically destroyed and replaced with communal blocks, Beijing’s hutong alleyways were home to the majority of the city’s population and teemed with life. Walking around the Houhai district you can still get a sense of what Beijing must have been like before the 1960s. It is a fascinating area where modernity seems, temporarily at least, to be held at bay. In this corner of Beijing, it is almost possible to feel a centuries-old rhythm to the daily life of the communities who live here.

A hutong, Beijing, China A hutong, Beijing, China

A hutong, Beijing, China A hutong, Beijing, China

A woman cycles in a hutong, Beijing, China A woman cycles in a hutong, Beijing, China

Even today the dense network of alleys and lanes constantly throw up surprises: turn a corner a group of men are animatedly playing cards, people are preparing and selling food, beautiful temples are hidden behind grey walls and there is a constant buzz of life, simultaneously familiar and alien. The grey…

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DIY – Difusor e Aromatizador de Ambientes

Na Penteadeira

Aromatizador e difusor de ambientes1

Hoje o assunto é um pouco diferente, resolvi fazer um “DIY”, ou seja, um “Faça você mesma”. Eu adoro esse tipo de vídeo, sempre assisto em outros canais, mas confesso que não é muito minha especialidade, e também não sou tão repleta de idéias como várias pessoas especialistas neste tipo de vídeo. Mas, mesmo assim vou tentar fazer mais e espero que gostem.

Para este vídeo resolvi  mostrar como fazer estes aromatizadores de ambientes deliciosos que aprendi com uma amiga (thanks Livinha).

Aromatizador e difusor de ambientes2

O legal desta receita é que, além de ser muito mais cheirosa que essas que vendem por ai, ela também dura mais, rende mais e é mais em conta, sendo assim, como não amar? Vamos lá ver como fiz?


  • 1L de Álcool de Cereais
  • 200 ml da Essência de sua preferencia (usei Pitanga Black)
  • 40-50 ml de Fixador de essência
  • Recipientes de sua preferência

A receita rende cerca de…

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you and me. (and everyone else)

southern belly

We’ve been hit pretty hard at work lately.
The mix of a new publication and a three page spread of a certain meatloaf sandwich we make. Hey man, people love their meatloaf.

I have looked around at the faces of my co-workers, dazed and exhausted. Stretched a bit too thin, but they’re good, I tell ya. Good.

In my own body, I am tired as well.
I don’t seem to get as frazzled as I used to. Even when there is water above my eyes, I can’t think of any reason to feel any less of myself. This hasn’t come from working in the food industry. I mean, sure. The longer you work in the mess of trenches and the rows of tables and chairs, it can be an overextension of one’s soul. Enough to want to make you hide in the bathroom or the walk-in for fear of another…

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Where No Bun Has Gone Before