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Why Does My Mouth Taste Like Garlic and Other Deep Questions Inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains

Snotting black

Blue Ridge Mountains Blue Ridge Mountains

Why does my mouth taste like garlic?

Who’s more of an animal, me or the black bear I saw this morning?

When I touch a rock on top of Rattlesnake Point, does the rock touch me back?

Is life an infinite amount of moments or one long moment?

Are all trees part of one big tree that is slowly spreading across the earth and will eventually sprout from our abdomens?

Do flies get annoyed by their own buzzing?

If the Blue Ridge Mountains are actually green but only appear to be blue, does that mean there is no truth?

If a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, and straight roads are impossible to find in the mountains, does that mean beauty is inefficient?

If I put my clothes into the dryer to make them less wet, and put a dehumidifier in my room to…

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Capturing The Moment — Threatening Clouds In Capitol Reef National Park

Becoming is Superior to Being

Capitol Reef (1 of 1)-22 framedThreatening Clouds In Capitol Reef National Park Image by kenne

I can feel the dewpoint rising

In the heat of the desert plateau day.

Wildflowers sprinkled on the red dirt,

Dark clouds change the backdrop

To the massive Navajo sandstone dome

Wakening both demons and angels

In this inspirational land

Where roughed cliffs are called reefs.

— kenne

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