A 1920’s life in pictures, from Ireland to America

Nigel Borrington

Life from Ireland to America 10
A 1920’s life in pictures, from Ireland to America
Copyright : Nigel Borrington

A couple of months ago an older family member asked If I would scan some old portrait images for a family tree that she was putting together. Over the next weeks I scanned many images and then took them back to her in order to get all the names and details that she could help with.

This was great fun and a truly interesting process. One set of images could not be identified however, yet they are among the most interesting.

I am Posting them here as I feel they show the life of a women (her family and her friends) from a small town in County Tipperary, Ireland, as she grow up going to school in a Farming community, eventually becoming independent enough to travel by boat from Cobh, in county cork and start a new…

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Archaeology Hack-a-thon! The Heritage Jam, Cemeteries & Audioscapes

Colleen Morgan

Heritage_Jam_upload Alexis and Sam, hacking away!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, I knew the basic outlines of what a “Jam” should be in the tech/gaming world–everyone comes together to hack on a project together to see what kind of results you can get with very intense focus for a short amount of time–but how would that play out in the world of interpretation and heritage? I just knew that I was excited to finally have a chance to work on something with other visualizers, some of whom I’d known for years. We started out bright and early at 9:00, went through introductions, got an outline of a plan together, then went to York Cemetery to gather primary data…

(Read the rest of the post written by me and Stu Eve at the Day of Archaeology website)

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Keynes’ General Theory, the ISLM and Roy Harrod’s ‘Dynamics’

Fixing the Economists


Too often discussions of the relationship between Keynes’ General Theory and the ISLM model focus on John Hicks’ 1937 paper ‘Mr. Keynes and the Classics‘. That paper appeared in the April edition of Econometrica, Volume 5, Issue 2. But Roy Harrod had already formulated the ISLM — in half-mathematical, half-verbal form — in the January edition of the same journal, Volume 5, Issue 1. I think that an appraisal of the relationship between the General Theory and the ISLM is far better done taking leave from Harrod’s paper ‘Mr. Keynes and Traditional Theory’ as it will allow us to clearly highlight the differences and why Harrod glossed over them.

In his paper Harrod claims that Keynes argues that investment is determined by equating the marginal productivity of capital with the rate of interest. He writes:


Of course, this is not in fact the case. Rather for Keynes…

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10 Best Fast Food Restaurants in America


There are a few surprises on the Consumer Reports’ list this year of the best fast food restaurants in America – and a few names that are not that well known nationally.

The bottom line is that whether we’re aiming to eat pizza, burgers, chicken or grilled sandwiches, Americans want a lot more than just food on the cheap when we eat out. We care about the quality and freshness of our food; we care about the quality of the service we receive. These priorities when choosing a destination for grabbing a quick bite emerged in Consumer Reports most recent ranking of our nation’s fast food restaurants.

The magazine asked more than 32,000 readers – who ate more than 96,000 meals at 65 chains – what they thought. The less ubiquitous fast food restaurants and the regional ones were the most popular with diners.

Respondents looked at five criteria…

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11 Worst Fast Food Restaurants in America


This post is in partnership with The Fiscal Times. The article below was originally published on The Fiscal Times.

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