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Snowden addresses HOPE Conference


Barton Gellman/Getty Images/AP

Edward Snowden, the former U.S. spy agency contractor who leaked details of major U.S. surveillance programs, called on supporters at a hacking conference to spur development of easy-to-use technologies to subvert government surveillance programs around the globe.

Snowden, who addressed conference attendees on Saturday via video link from Moscow, said he intends to devote much of his time to promoting such technologies, including ones that allow people to communicate anonymously and encrypt their messages…

At the HOPE hacking conference, several talks detailed approaches for thwarting government surveillance, including a system known as SecureDrop that is designed to allow people to anonymously leak documents to journalists.

Attorneys with the Electronic Frontier Foundation answered questions about pending litigation with the NSA, including efforts to stop collection of phone records that were disclosed through Snowden’s leaks.

Snowden is seen as a hero by a large segment of the community of…

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Things Fall Apart: Masculinity and Violence in Congo

Women’s education helps avert child marriage

World Education Blog

This week, a Girl Summit is being held in London, aimed at rallying efforts to end female genital mutilation and child marriage within a generation. This blog looks at the vital role that education plays in helping reduce child marriages and the child pregnancies that often occur as a result.

Around 2.9 million girls are married by the age of 15 in sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia, equivalent to one in eight girls in each region, according to estimates in the 2013/4 EFA Global Monitoring Report. These shocking statistics mean millions of girls are robbed of their childhood and denied an education.

Our Report also showed, without a doubt, that ensuring that girls stay in school is one of the most effective ways to prevent child marriage.

marriage Click to enlarge

Education empowers women to overcome discrimination. Girls and young women who are educated have greater awareness of…

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The U.N. Security Council Calls for an Immediate Cease-Fire in Gaza

Into the Wind Rivers: Part 2

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Granite Wonderland D.O.G. Granite Wonderland D.O.G.

The Wind River range in west central Wyoming has long been one of my fantasy places. It seems like every time I see a stunning photograph in a magazine and wonder “where is that?!” it’s always the Winds.

The Photographer at Photographer's Point The Photographer at Photographer’s Point

The Winds were so spectacular, I’ve already forgotten the swarm of mosquitoes that escorted me along this 12-mile day hike to Photographer’s Point from the Elkhart Basin trailhead near Pinedale. Fortunately, for whatever reason, the pesks weren’t really biting, just swirling. The only thing I hate more than bug bites is bug spray so my mosquito remedy is just to keep moving. Those little bastards top out around 2 miles per hour so I swing along at 3 and call it a truce. 🙂

Into the Winds Into the Winds

Roots & Rock Roots & Rock

The Tree Abides The Tree Abides

Spring in the Winds Spring in the Winds

Wind Rivers Cabin Ruins Wind Rivers Cabin Ruins

Dio in his happy place Dio in his happy place

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