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Photo taken by contributor Brandon Halley, a 20-year-old fine art photography student from St. Louis, Missouri. Brandon suffers from severe anxiety and depression, and is currently in recovery from self-harm. Realizing that photography and digital art were the only ways he knew how to relieve stress in a healthy manner, he started doing it more often in hopes of being noticed and making a living off of it, all while improving himself personally.

About this photo: “Awaken is an image I themed around lucid dreaming. I dressed in PJ’s and held a teddy bear to, obviously, give a childlike feel to the image. I feel that children are more  susceptible to lucid dreaming and they lose it after reaching adulthood. I have always been fascinated with dreams and lucid dreaming.

Find more from Brandon at his website.


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My Hard Truth

It’s Nature Karen

double rainbow Amazing rainbow in my backyard.

Trigger warning: This post may be a trigger for those feeling susceptible to relapse.


Everyday, I sit down to write this post and everyday I get stuck. I don’t know how to start without worrying family and friends because invariably, people are going to worry. I also feel a sense of responsibility to people reading who are struggling with addiction because my experiences, my journey, and my truth seeking is my own and comparisons can be dangerous.

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Bird of the Day: Great Hornbill (Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala)


Great Hornbill by Sanjayan Kumar - RAXA Collective photo credit: Sanjayan Kumar

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