33 coisas que a ciĂȘncia jĂĄ descobriu sobre a maconha

ClĂ­nica Alamedas

  33 coisas que a ciĂȘncia jĂĄ descobriu sobre a maconha

Info Exame – Saulo Pereira Guimarães

PolĂȘmica acesa

 A maconha Ă© a droga ilĂ­cita mais cultivada, traficada e consumida do mundo, de acordo com dados da Organização Mundial da SaĂșde. Por essa e diversas outras razĂ”es, a erva tem despertado a curiosidade de muita gente na ciĂȘncia. E nĂŁo faltam estudos sobre o tema. Reunimos a seguir alguns deles.


Cerca de 8 milhĂ”es de brasileiros jĂĄ experimentaram maconha. O dado Ă© do 2Âș Levantamento Nacional de Álcool e Drogas, realizado pelo Governo Federal em parceria com a Universidade Federal de SĂŁo Paulo (Unifesp). Dos 8 milhĂ”es que jĂĄ fumaram a erva, aproximadamente 1,5 milhĂŁo faz isso diariamente.


A tese de que a maconha Ă© uma porta de entrada para outras drogas pode nĂŁo fazer sentido. Pelo menos, foi o que apontou um estudo da universidade de Pittsburgh. Nele, 214 meninos com algum tipo de envolvimento com drogas legais

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The iPhone 6 Plus Is Great For Gamers


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While I hate the word “phablet,” there’s no denying that it’s helpful to have a term for what is becoming a unique category, separate from the smartphones and tablets that came before them. Not always the most convenient in one hand on the go and not as suited to content consumption as a tablet when at home, bigger phones have their own niche that appeals to users who demand big screens and longer battery life.

With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has stepped into the category by scaling the hardware of the six up while (in some ways) scaling the software from the iPad down. The result is a device that you can use all day to do some of the quick tasks we always do on our phones while also consuming media as you would on a tablet: traditionally, in landscape, held in two hands or propped

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Batatas ao forno

Livro de receitas da decawalfrid



. 1 kg de batata descascada e cortadas em rodelas finas
. 1 lata de creme de leite
. 1 xĂ­cara (chĂĄ) de leite
. 1 cebola picada
. 1 xĂ­cara (chĂĄ) de queijo parmesĂŁo ralado
. 1/2 xĂ­cara (chĂĄ) de queijo provolone ralado
. Sal e pimenta a gosto

Modo de preparo

1. Unte um refratĂĄrio com um pouco de margarina.

2. Distribua as rodelas de batata. Reserve.

3. No liquidificador, bata o creme de leite, o leite, a cebola, o queijo parmesĂŁo, o queijo provolone, o sal e a pimenta.

4. Despeje sobre a batata, tampe com papel alumĂ­nio e asse no forno prĂ©-aquecido  a 200ÂșC por 30 minutos.

5. Retire o papel alumĂ­nio e deixe dourar. Sirva em seguida.

Dicas: para um sabor mais suave, substitua o queijo provolone por ricota.


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ISIS is the Antithesis of Hajj, the Holy Pilgrimage



This article originally appeared on Patheos.

Every year during the time of hajj a feeling of nostalgia overcomes me as the media begins covering one of the world’s largest annual religious gatherings. Although I performed hajj almost nine years ago, the experience feels like yesterday. It was the journey of a lifetime.

But this year, hajj will take place against the ugly backdrop of a group that has come to represent the antithesis of what the pilgrimage signifies: Unity through diversity, brotherhood and equality, and the sanctity of religion, its symbols and holy places.

As ISIS sends another two hundred thousand Muslim Kurds fleeing into Turkey after terrorizing Christian, Yazidi, and other populations for months, millions of pilgrims in Islam’s two holiest cities are gathered to peacefully commemorate Abraham, the father, not only of Islam, but of Judaism and Christianity.

The entirety of the hajj takes place in and

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Now THIS Is A Sticky Situation

Cute Overload

Skippy, Smuckers, JIF, Peter Pan, heck it don’t matter- BRING IT ON!!


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Watch What’s At Stake In Hong Kong

Awesome treehouse cafĂ© in Yokohama satisfies our longing for bagels, beer, and nature


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Not too long ago, I ate ramen from a can on a Tokyo backstreet. It didn’t taste half-bad, but between the barkers for maid cafes and the homeless guy raiding the surrounding vending machines’ recycling bins for cans, it really didn’t make for the most elegant dining ambience.

But the great thing about Japan is the contrasting extremes you can find, and if eating in the middle of Tokyo’s concrete jungle by the soft glow of neon signs isn’t to your liking, you can always come on down to Yokohama, which has a cafĂ© with plenty of natural sunlight thanks to the restaurant actually being an awesome treehouse.

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LeBron James on running the Cavaliers offense: ‘This is Kyrie’s show’


Both in Miami and during his first stint in Cleveland, LeBron James had the ball in his hands in the vast majority of his team’s offensive possessions.

Part of that was due to him being the best player on the floor, of course, but it was also due to the personnel each team had in place. Playing LeBron off the ball didn’t make a whole lot of sense as a consistent strategy, considering that there wasn’t anyone on those teams capable of running things cohesively, and getting him the ball in a prime position to score.

That’s changed dramatically now that James has returned to Cleveland to play alongside Kyrie Irving, who is arguably one of the top five point guards in the game. Because of that fact, LeBron seems more than ready to hand over the primary ball-handling duties, putting them in Irving’s capable hands.

From Dave McMenamin of

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Osaka-based, American artist DAAS, is having an exhibition of his work at Taiga do Gallery in Kyoto, Japan from Sep 25-Oct4, 2014.I’ll be doing a several-part series on the exhibition in order to highlight a few of the 13 pieces he has on display. The poster for the event features his work, “Illuminated.” What I found so interesting was how the poster looked throughout Gion, Kyoto’s old historic district, famous for teahouses, maiko, and geisha. So much of the area is preserved for history, so something as simple as getting a poster up, really isn’t that simple. With that in mind, as I walked around, and actually saw the poster up on various walls, sometimes with Japanese people standing around it or walking past it
I thought it looked like its own kind of exhibition  on the street. Here are some of the images:

gi 165gi 108gi 227ipakyo 037gi 223ipakyo 062gi 171ipakyo 035gi 225gi 166ipakyo 193gi 115gi 226ipakyo 194gi 116gi 170ipakyo 195gi 117ipakyo 196gi 168gi 174gi 118ipakyo 061ipakyo 034

28sep14. Kyoto, Japan.

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News from the weird: should we be walking around with our mouths wide open?


Ask a stupid question day: should we be walking around with our mouths wide open?

News from the weird

There are 94 days left to the year. It seems just like yesterday it was day 1 of the year. Did you know that it is world heart day as well as world rabies day? Why in the world would these two things be celebrated together? Hmm. Let’s think about this question. Did you also know that it is “Ask a Stupid Question Day”?  In honor of this grand day, let’s think of why people do the many dumb things that they do.  In particular this week, food was a big part of the weird news out there.   The word press community asked about being picky eaters or food quirks. The stories below may illuminate some shake- your-head food issues that may propel you to walk around with your mouths

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Too cold for a swim