Turkoglu e Clippers estão perto de novo acordo

Jumper Brasil

O ala Hedo Turkoglu pode voltar para o Los Angeles Clippers em 2014-15, mesmo após passagem apagada na temporada passada. De acordo com o jornalista do Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, as partes estão próximas de um acordo por US$ 1.4 milhão por mais um ano.

O veterano de 35 anos assinou com o Clippers em janeiro e teve médias de três pontos em 38 partidas em 2013-14.  Contratado como uma espécie de coringa que pudesse atuar em ambas as alas e eventualmente como pivô, o turco acabou tendo menos minutos do que Danny Granger e Glen Davis, acabando a temporada enterrado no banco de reservas.

Ao longo dos 15 anos de carreira profissional, Turkoglu tem parciais superiores, de 11.5 pontos, 4.1 rebotes e 3.0 assistências. Seu melhor ano foi em 2008, quando postou 19.5 pontos, 5.7 rebotes e 5.0 assistências.

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The Château-Going Begins

Everywhere Once

Chateau de la Roche Courbon, France

We couldn’t resist.

We had resolved that our château-going wouldn’t begin until we reached the Loire Valley, where we planned to unleash our energy, enthusiasm, and admission dollars. In that enchanted land of lavish castles, we had old favorites to return to and a lengthy list of new places to seek out.

And yet there we were, heading through the countryside in France’s Poitou-Charentes region a few hours south of the Loire Valley. All it took was a recommendation from an area resident and a glance at a glossy brochure flaunting a large, exquisite-looking castle accented with round, turreted towers and a sprawling formal garden at its feet. We were in the car faster than you can say magnifique.

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Starfish, icons of the sea

Johns Hopkins University Press Blog

Guest post by John M. Lawrence

starfish 2Starfish rarely receive widespread public notice. Reports of the explosion of populations of the crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci, on the Great Barrier Reef in the 1960s, which received world-wide attention, are an exception.

Earlier this year, a report on the PBS Newshour that described a massive die-off of starfish on the Pacific coast of North America brought these creatures nationwide attention. A previous report of a major die-off of starfish in southern California in 1983–1984 received little notice except among marine ecologists (if you are interested in the topic, PBS re-visited and updated the story recently).

The current massive die-off has been attributed to a wasting disease that causes the external epithelium of the starfish to develop lesions, followed by decay of tissue leading to fragmentation of the body and death. One prominent species affected is Pisaster ochraceus, an important component of the intertidal community. The…

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Rabbit, Rabbit on this Labor Day: May you be productive but balanced


Rabbit, Rabbit on this Labor Day: May you be productive but balanced

Rabbit, rabbit. Ok. Had to get that out of the way.  Ever since boarding school I have said “rabbit, rabbit” every morning the first day of the month.  I didn’t really dig into the folklore surrounding that. I just knew it was about fertility and being plentiful.  I always manage to conjure up the image of rabbits twitching their noses which in turn reminds me of the television show Bewitched.  You know, the old television show where a witch tried to lead  normal life but every once in a while she twitches her nose to make some magic happen (which eventually leads to hijinks and hilarity). I did tell you all a while ago that I am a messy mind and random writer, right?  Anyway, a rabbit twitching and digging up dirt, working his way around…

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