Great Basin National Park

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Great Basin National Park is another patch of wilderness that’s so tucked away that it’s a bit off the beaten path. Residing in eastern Nevada, adjacent to the Utah border, you almost have to make it a destination as it’s not necessarily on the way to anywhere, unless you happen to be one of those who call Ely, Nevada “somewhere.”

In the morning, it was up early to walk to the Bristlecone Pine grove. I’ve long been fascinated with these most ancient of trees, and was glad to walk among a new grove. You can find a few other of these ancient trees in this gallery.

Along the trail the Bristlecone Pine grove, looking out over the great basin.

One of the ancient giants, estimated to be over 4,000 years old

The afternoon was all about resting along the shores of Stella Lake, followed by a semi-epic climb, following a…

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Streets of Genarp

Why America’s love affair with the station wagon is over

Toppings & Trenchers & the End of History

The Curious Kitchen

The Recipe – Trencher with Grilled Kudu and Greenbean Salad

kudu salad trencher bread

Back in medieval times the rich had their food served on flat, stale, bread called a trencher. After the rich gorged themselves on the food, the trenchers were given to the poor, perhaps as a show of generosity.

One source, The Book of Courtesy (1460), describes the ritual as follows:

“The Almoner not only said grace before the meal but was responsible for making sure the alms-dish was set upon the table. The Carver was responsible for placing a ‘cheat’ (wholewheat) loaf of bread into the bowl before serving the guests and following it with the trimmed crusts from the trenchers. The Butler was directed to pour any wine left undrunk into the alms-bowl, and place there some of every meat dish served. The Almoner was charged with taking all the ‘broken meats’, that is the variously partially served pies and…

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Morning Must Reads: September 9

Baseball is dying? Nonsense: The Case for Baseball’s Vitality

Top 3 Applications for New Femtocell Deployments

Transmedia Newswire

Top 3 Applications for New Femtocell Deployments

Improving the quality of indoor voice communication for smartphone users is a high-priority for mobile service providers. According to the latest market study by ABI Research, the femtocell market will see a steady growth as revenues reach $4.2 billion in 2019, owing to a rise in enterprise unit shipments.

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