Silky, Smoky Corn Soup with Loads of Veg

food to glow

smoky and silky corn soup by food to glow

Corn is contentious. Not the sweetcorn that we eat – and the only corn crop grown in the UK – but the corn that has infiltrated our lives in some very non-food and non-nutritious ways.

In the US, where it is by far the most-grown and most renumerative crop, field corn is used in various and sundry ways: as fuel in the form of ethanol; to hold food as plastic bags, plastic spoons and forks; to fatten livestock and thicken food. Because it is less sweet, field corn is also used to make tortilla chips and cornmeal.

Its sugars are also used to sweeten food, namely the ubiquitous, liver-damaginghigh-fructose corn syrup. Plus, eighty-five per cent of field corn in the US is genetically modified. And often without product labels to tell you so. Contrast that with less than five per cent for sweetcorn, although that number is increasing – thanks a lot, Mon-flipping-santo. Although…

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Dine on Dance for lunchtime

Love Yourself Hard

Susan Cottrell & FreedHearts


My darling friend (codename Salarcon) is consistently more joyful than many of us put together. She has her struggles, as do all of us, but she has an incredible peace in the midst of those struggles, as do few of us.

She is also a Poetry Slam Goddess and host of a new YouTube poetry program, and her recent poem (below) is about joy — whatever the circumstances.

Life is short, my friends. Whether you are concerned about your orientation or you child’s, or falsely afraid that God does not love you or approve of you, or afraid you somehow do not deserve to be at the table with everyone else, please. You don’t have to do that to yourself.

It’s time to love yourself… hard.

Enjoy Salarcon’s poem… ❤

 “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day

Whether it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of…”

May 3rd

Amanda dances…

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Demon Cloud

Play Hard. Nap Harder.

Train Travels… Suncheon Bay

Hedgers Abroad

Most weekends, we stay pretty busy. There’s really no time to relax whenever there is so much to see and do! However, this past weekend we were feeling drained and found ourselves without any travel plans. We thought we would just have a nice lazy Saturday at home, but right around lunchtime we found ourselves already talking about what we should do for the day. We looked at the train schedule and saw that if we hurried, we could catch the next train to Suncheon, the city just north of us.

Suncheon has claimed the titled of the Ecological Capital of Korea. The city recently held the International Garden Expo in 2013 and the Suncheon Bay is a wetlands that contains the largest colony of reeds in Korea. I remember seeing articles and pictures of this beautiful bay online before coming to Korea and putting it on the top of…

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Digital Painting


Howard County Portrait Photographers

As a child I always wanted to be able to learn how to paint the scenes that ran around in my head. Unfortunately I have no talent when it comes to painting. I tried water colors, acrylics and oils and it made no difference. My co-worker can take a photo and create a stunning replica of it using acrylics. Some of his work can be seen in a few galleries here in the Baltimore Maryland area. I still can’t paint a lick but I can play around a little in Photoshop :-).
Howard County Maryland Portrait & Wedding Photographers

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