Face Painting at Frontier Town Ocean City Maryland



When we stopped by the Indian Village in Frontier Town my children wanted to get their face painted. Once they were done my son asked me if I wanted to get my face painted too. We went to beach later that afternoon and I forgot that I still had the face paint on. No wonder some of the kids on the beach were staring and smiling at me.


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Maternal Health: More Than Just Survival!

Girls' Globe

Around the world, women and girls of reproductive age get pregnant – either by choice, through thoughtful planning, after years of longing or under less joyful circumstances. The news of expecting a baby, another family member, may come as a silent intuition or a shock combined with morning sickness, and every woman’s experience is unique.

Yet, mothers-to-be around the world face a wide variety of challenges. For women in least developed areas and in conflict or emergencies, becoming pregnant may pose a risk to one’s life. In developing countries the most common cause of death for adolescent girls is complications related to pregnancy or delivery.

Worldwide, there are women who do not want to get pregnant, but are unable to access (or afford) contraception or family planning services. Imagine walking to the pharmacy to pick up your choice of contraception, just to be informed that there is a stock-out…

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Mid-Autumn Memories