Silky, Smoky Corn Soup with Loads of Veg

food to glow

smoky and silky corn soup by food to glow

Corn is contentious. Not the sweetcorn that we eat – and the only corn crop grown in the UK – but the corn that has infiltrated our lives in some very non-food and non-nutritious ways.

In the US, where it is by far the most-grown and most renumerative crop, field corn is used in various and sundry ways: as fuel in the form of ethanol; to hold food as plastic bags, plastic spoons and forks; to fatten livestock and thicken food. Because it is less sweet, field corn is also used to make tortilla chips and cornmeal.

Its sugars are also used to sweeten food, namely the ubiquitous, liver-damaginghigh-fructose corn syrup. Plus, eighty-five per cent of field corn in the US is genetically modified. And often without product labels to tell you so. Contrast that with less than five per cent for sweetcorn, although that number is increasing – thanks a lot, Mon-flipping-santo. Although…

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