Dating: The Soft Breakup

Life in the Boomer Lane

David & Andrea shadow

Human beings have always had a hard time finding the “right” person. Back in prehistory, a lot of potential relationships were ruined by the untimely demise of a prospective mate, due to being eaten by large out-of-control mammals. The unsuspecting (and single) ones who survived were often hunted down and captured by singles on the prowl.

After people reach a point in which they were able to live away from hungry mammals and therefore survive a bit longer, arranged marriages were invented.  These arranged marriages assured that everyone would have a mate. They worked, as long as one didn’t care what the mate looked like or what kind of personality they had or if they had any strange habits.

The next leap forward occurred when people decided they wanted to choose their own mates.  This was the first time in history when people were heard to say…

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