Hand Me Downs


A recent encounter with the lotion ladies could be the beginning of my holiday spirit.  That would mean it’s super early this year.

I was at Walgreens, my favorite putzing around convincing myself I need Tic Tacs store, looking for a new lotion.  The lotion I currently use is too expensive and I’m tired of spending that kind of money.  I’m not really sure it even works all that well.  Lately, I’m taking stock in the things I buy, especially products.  I’m trying to figure out if I spend money on them because someone told me they were the best, or if they really are the best.  I’m looking at the products my grandparents used, seeing if maybe simple is better.

Anyway, I’m standing in the lotion aisle when this woman comes around the corner with her mother who is pushing the cart.  She gives me sort of a nasty look and says, “Come…

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