December PopSugar Must Have Box


PopSugar is arguably my favorite subscription box and this month they did not disappoint at all! If anything, this month’s box proves why I think the Must Have Box is the best. So let’s get into it!

December PopSugar Must Have Box. December PopSugar Must Have Box.

Just look at this beautiful spread! I’m in love. While there isn’t a special extra in this month’s box (well there is but I’ll explain that below) the contents of this month’s box are so lovely I couldn’t imagine what else they would put in here.

SPUN by Subtle Luxury ($62)

This beautiful gold speckled scarf is soft and light: it will keep me warm this winter without throttling me like some of my heavier scarfs do. The gold flecks also add an element of shine so you can add this scarf to your ensemble instead of a necklace. PopSugar has sent a few scarfs in the past…

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Three gentlemen

Being American Means Never Having to Fret Over Your Legal Documents

The Day Before I Left… I Found… Harry Potter’s Pet

Crise da Petrobras freia a economia do país

Gavião da Paraíba

Estaleiro Brasa, em Niterói: economia do Rio pode ser a mais afetada pela crise da Petrobras. – Marcelo Carnaval / Agência O Globo

O impacto da crise de caixa da Petrobras, das denúncias da Operação Lava-Jato e do baixo preço do petróleo no mercado internacional já afetam a economia. Demissões, adiamentos e atrasos em projetos de investimentos já acontecem no país, em particular no Rio. No mercado, a atual letargia da estatal desperta medo e apreensão em empresas de toda a cadeia produtiva.

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Mr. Enthusiasm

Webner House

Yesterday Kish and I had a fine day at our new digs  in German Village. We took some nice walks through the neighborhood and Schiller Park, enjoyed looking at the old homes, discovered a store that sells vintage candy (including Bonamo’s Turkish Taffy, the Great White Whale of hard-to-find candy of yesteryear), and experienced first-hand the straight shot five-minute “commute” to my office.

We had lunch at the Olde Mohawk, a comfortable former speakeasy turned neighborhood joint that I’d never eaten at before. As Kish and I chatted and I was enjoying a very tasty Great Lakes Brewery seasonal Christmas ale and a juicy cheeseburger at the Mohawk, I was brimming with enthusiasm for our new adventure.

This display of boosterism made Kish smile, because it is a familiar trait. When I quit smoking once and for all more than 20 years ago I promptly began raving about how great…

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Kevin Dart