The Swapper

Problem Machine

moderate spoilers


Space is fucking cool.

I mean there’s a lot more to say about The Swapper, but I think that may be its most lasting impression of the game on my mind. No other 2d platformer has captured the loneliness, awe, and terror of space the way this game has. While its presentation is obviously influenced by Super Metroid, the Metroid games were far more about exploring an underground alien wilderness than outer space itself. The environments of The Swapper are largely traditional 2d puzzle-platformer rooms, but there are also a couple of segments where you have to navigate through a weightless environment – though, because the game is still mapped into 2d space and constrained to the boxes of the designed levels, you are never really in danger of losing your way and setting yourself adrift endlessly through a vast black void, the disorientation of being cut off…

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