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Twice Cooked Honey Roasted Duck Legs

Cooking in Sens


I’ve found an Asian supply grocery!  It’s called Laos Asian Market.  Very old school with vegetables, fruits, rice and noodles scattered around the floor in boxes, multiple freezers and refrigerators, shelves bursting with condiments, flours, spices, tableware, baskets, chopsticks, etc.  Just what I was looking for!  And I absolutely adored the really, really old guy who, looking like a proximate observer if not escapee from the Cambodian killing fields, speaking perfect English but choosing to leave us to our shopping while he continued viewing his TV program in the back room, was consideration itself.  Perfect. Rural Pennsylvania has it’s moments 🙂


Of course I bought a ridiculous amount of stuff but was rational enough to remember that I had good quality, “gaver” duck legs in the freezer to cook.


I remembered a recipe for twice cooked duck legs that I thought was beyond good and decided to go with that.  The recipe gives you a…

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Your Daily Elephant


Continuing the photographic series on the daily lives of elephants.  I’m often amazed at the colors and depth of field on old 35 mm. film.  This photograph has such a pastoral feel to it.  Kodachrome 400, elephants in the Samburu reserve, Kenya.

photograph by Cheryl Merrill photograph by Cheryl Merrill

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