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The Isles are surrendering too many goals


However you slice it, the New York Islanders have a problem. They’re either not getting the goaltending they need from Jaroslav Halak, or they’re not defending well enough in front of him.

Or both.

In the wake of last night’s 6-5 loss to the Rangers, the Islanders now own the 24th-ranked goals-against average in the league. The six teams below them are Toronto, Columbus, Dallas, Arizona, Edmonton, and Buffalo. Which is not a great place to be, even if you do control possession, score a lot of goals and win a lot of games, like the exciting, young Isles most certainly do.

Suffice to say, Halak, an All-Star Game replacement for Jimmy Howard, did not play like an All-Star last night against the Rangers. And statistically speaking, despite all the nice things that have been written about him, he’s not actually having a very good season. Out of…

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Cartoon Network

Nessa cena de um episódio de Johnny Bravo que foi ao ar no Cartoon Network em 27 de abril de 2001, um cartaz de cinema parece mostrar uma torre queimando com uma nuvem de fumaça e as proféticas palavras “EM BREVE”.