Ice, Ice Baby

101 Books

101 Books coming to you live from Iced-In Nashville, Tennessee.

I’ve been without internet for most of the last two days. I’m back live this morning, but no post today.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of ice. That’s ALL ice. I measured a little over an inch plus of ice this morning when I defrosted my car.

See you guys tomorrow.


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How to Eat All the Fish You Want, Minus the Mercury Danger


Fish: It’s one of the most confusing topics among health-conscious eaters. On one hand, it’s a great source of protein and healthy fat, and eating it has been linked to lower rates of several illnesses, including heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Then again, some types are full of mercury or other pollutants. It seems like one day we’re told to eat less fish, and the next, to eat more.

And in the last few weeks, the news gave us two more reasons to think twice about eating it at all: first, a study hinted at a link between mercury and autoimmune disorders in women. And before that, another report found that mercury contamination of yellowfin tuna (also known as ahi) is growing far faster than previously thought. So, what are we supposed to do?

Read more: 20 Things You Should Throw Away for Better Health

Keep it on the menu…

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ARTIGO: O que fizemos da água?



Volto a falar-lhes do gravíssimo problema da falta d’água, que persiste em invocar nossa meticulosa atenção, seguida de atitudes acertadas.

Na série de palestras que proferi no início dos anos 1990, a respeito do Apocalipse de Jesus, a fim de torná-lo mais acessível aos simples de coração, trouxe, por exemplo, ao debate a questão da possível guerra pela água em várias regiões do planeta, já àquela altura noticiada pela imprensa.

Com tristeza e preocupação, vivenciamos nos dias atuais, até mesmo em metrópoles brasileiras, o trágico fantasma da carência de água.

Além dos fatores climáticos, que, desde a Revolução Industrial, mais fortemente influenciamos de forma condenável, o que temos feito com esse precioso líquido, fator básico da vida?

É fácil observar no mundo o ato criminoso do desperdício. Às crianças, aos jovens e aos adultos, insisto neste ensinamento: a migalha de hoje é a farta refeição de amanhã. E, por extensão…

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Microsoft Officially Launches Azure Machine Learning Platform

Can And Will Be Used Against You: Real Life Research

Bare Knuckle Writer

The tractor sent flowers to the hospital for Al, which everyone agreed was very classy for a piece of heavy machinery.

Whenever I’m around people and one of them tells the often-embarrassing tale of a particularly weird thing that happened to them or around them, the following happens:

Person Who Didn’t Tell The Story: *turns to me* That’s going to turn up in a story one day, isn’t it?

Me: Probably, but I’ll change the names so only we know who did it.

Person Who Told The Story: *nervous laughter*

It must be how psychologists feel whenever people start acting “normal”* when they’re around.

Rest easy: most of those stories you tell me and mine do not end up in our writing. Sometimes it’s because real life really is stranger than fiction; I still find it hard to believe than a well-educated person who had…

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Next Time, Use Sniffy Lube!

YC-Backed Level Frames Launches Because All Art Deserves Its Frame