Five Years from Now

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Burntisland Aug 2014 035By Jamie Frame

Can you remember five years ago? Can you imagine Scotland five years from now?

Gordon Brown was the PM, the SNP were still a minority government in Holyrood, Iain Gray’s Labour were fancying their chances of taking over in eighteen months time. David Cameron was the leader of the Conservative opposition and Nick Clegg was someone who still had the backing of students across England and Wales.

Many would have predicted a Conservative victory at Westminster in 2010, some thought Labour could hang on to power and some would even have predicted a LibDem-Conservative coalition. Few, if anyone would have dared to imagine Nick Clegg’s party committing mass political suicide over their student fee pledge and support for Conservative austerity. Who would have dared to bet on Ed Miliband becoming Labour leader over his brother David?

Five years ago I wouldn’t have thought an independence referendum was going…

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To Try

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I try. I’ve always tried. When I was a kid, I tried to be good, I tried to be smart, I tried to keep the peace in our house. Kids think the world revolves around them (you may also know adults who did not outgrow this) so they try extra hard to control things, especially in an unpredictable alcoholic household.

I’ve always tried to avoid conflict. It reminds me of the dinner table when I was growing up, where I couldn’t understand my father’s tirades or my mother’s silence in the face of family chaos. I tried to be invisible so as not to become the target of paternal wrath or sibling ridicule.

When I was a teenager, I tried to belong; I tried to be the cutest and the coolest; I tried to act like I didn’t care. I tried to end the Vietnam war.

As a young adult…

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Acessibilidade é um dos focos da segunda fase das obras na Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana

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Além de uma reforma nos espaços internos, CCMQ terá filmes com audiodescrição para pessoas com deficiência visualAlém de uma reforma nos espaços internos, CCMQ terá filmes com audiodescrição para pessoas com deficiência visual

Tão logo saiam de cena tapumes e andaimes que escondem os reparos em andamento, a Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana (CCMQ) deve engatar a segunda etapa das obras que lhe devolverão ao público repaginada e em plenas condições de uso.

Na primeira semana de outubro, deverá ser realizada no Ministério da Cultura (MinC) a reunião final para a liberação dos R$ 3,7 milhões a serem investidos em melhorias de instalações, equipamentos de som e luz e produção de conteúdo com foco na acessibilidade.

Essa é a segunda parte do aporte de R$ 8 milhões do Banrisul, via Lei Rouanet. Os primeiros R$ 4,3 milhões tiveram como destino o restauro da fachada, de aberturas, esquadrias e do telhado, além de obras de impermeabilização. É o maior investimento em melhorias nos 24 anos da…

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How Ebola is Changing Liberia: A First Person Account From the Ground

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Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, is the epicenter of an Ebola outbreak that has killed nearly 3,000 people in the West African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

TIME’s Africa bureau chief, Aryn Baker, is on the ground in the West African city. She has reported on musicians who educate crowds on the infectious disease, the stigma dead body management teams face, the United States’ responsibility to assist Liberia, among other stories.

In the video above, Baker discusses everyday life in the densely packed seaside city of Monrovia, where the stench of chlorine and the sight of thermometers and rubber boots have become commonplace as locals attempt to stem the Ebola outbreak.

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Grandson Charged With Dismembering Grandmothers Body With Chain Saw

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) — A Texas man charged with killing his 77-year-old grandmother and dismembering her body with a chain saw has pleaded guilty to murder.

A judge sentenced David Christy to 20 years in prison Tuesday as part of a plea deal. The remains of Johanna Kruse Christy were found buried in shallow graves behind her home where she lived with her grandson in February 2013.

Authorities say Christy hit her in the head with a blunt object and disposed of the body with the saw. He previously told police she wasn’t his grandmother and that she tried to poison him.

A judge ruled Christy competent to stand trial in May.

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