Your Daily Elephant


A series on the lives of elephants.  Cow and calf eating.  Samburu area, Kenya.

photograph by Cheryl Merrill photograph by Cheryl Merrill

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T-Mobile offers customers with bad credit its top phone deals


On Sunday, T-Mobile is unveiling a program that will essentially let customers with bad credit scores to prove their worthiness to the carrier and thus qualify for financing deals that would put the newest and most expensive smartphones in their palms.

Today at [company]T-Mobile[/company], the latest and greatest smartphones aren’t available to customers. Technically anyone can buy a new iPhone 6+ or the newest Samsung Galaxy if they’re willing to pay the full cost of the device, but if you wanted to spread the cost of a $750 smartphone over two years then you need good credit — carriers call that “well qualified” — to qualify for T-Mo’s financing program.

Under the new program called Smartphone Equality, any customer on a voice prepaid or postpaid voice plan that maintains their service or pays their bill on time for 12 straight months will become eligible for all of T-Mobile’s smartphone…

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In Flow with Otto


The new year of 2015 has hardly started – we are only three weeks into what I hope will be an exciting year for all of us. For me it’s already been exceedingly busy, more than I can remember any start of a new year has ever been. Right after New Year’s Eve I went to Ethiopia (from where the photo accompanying this post was taken) to report on the situation with the South Sudanese refuges – as any of you who follow my blog may have noticed. Now I am in Park City, Utah, USA to report on Sundance Film Festival – the maybe most important festival for independent films. In addition, in between the travelling – and parallel to the travelling – a handful of travel reporters and I have launched a new travel blog. So yes, it’s been quite busy…

As a result of these three busy…

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