Box Office Report: Hunger Games: Mockingjay Wins Again


The Hunger Games continues to win at the box office: Mockingjay placed first this weekend with an estimated $21.6 million — $10 million more than the second place film, Penguins of Madagascar. Mockingjay has now grossed $257.7 million domestically and $560.5 million worldwide.

The Hunger Games series proved its staying power with its two previous films, so it’s not surprising that Mockingjay is still at number one three weeks past its release. Mockingjay benefits from star power (Jennifer Lawrence! Julianne Moore! Woody Harrelson!), family friendliness, and established popularity. Even so, its box office power is less attributable to esteem for the franchise than to the fact that it doesn’t have much competition right now.

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Andre Johnson Leaves Texans Game With Concussion

CBS Houston

Jacksonville (CBS HOUSTON) – Andre Johnson left the Texans game in the 2nd quarter after a big hit against the Jacksonville Jaguars just short of the endzone.  Johnson walked off the field under his own power but was shortly ruled out for the rest of the game with a concussion.

Johnson had four catches for 17 yards before leaving the game.  The yardage put Johnson 12th on the all-time list, passing Tory Holt.

Johnson will have to go through NFL Mandated concussion protocol before he can be cleared to return for the Texans.


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Apple Is Figuring Out How To Sell An Archetype

Domingo, um passeio no campo!

Peregrinacultural's Weblog

TERUZ, ORLANDO (1902-1984) - Paisagem em Teresópolis ao Fundo Dedo de Deus - RJ, óleo s tela, 33 X 55. Assinado c.i.d. e datado (1947)Paisagem em Teresópolis, ao fundo o Dedo de Deus, 1947

Orlando Teruz (Brasil, 1902-1984)

óleo sobre tela, 33 x 55 cm

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Capturing The Moment — Pineleaf Milkweed Pod

Becoming is Superior to Being

Milagrosa Loop (1 of 1)-33 Pine Leaf Milkweed Pod blogPineleaf Milkweed Pod

Milagrosa Loop (1 of 1)-34Pine Leaf Milkweed blogPineleaf Milkweed Plant (Asclepias linaria, Milkweed Family: ( Asclepiadaceae ), Pineleaf Milkweed. Also called: Threadleaf Milkweed, Pine Needle Butterfly Weed, Mexican Milkweed.) — Images by kenne

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Gone But Not Forgotten 3: Courthouse Square, Redwood City, Saturday Dec. 6


Yesterday, December 6, was Redwood City’s annual Hometown Holidays event. The children loved the petting zoo!

Petting Zoo in Courthouse Square: Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014 Petting Zoo in Redwood City’s Courthouse Square: Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014

Son’s first pets were goldfish and guppies. Next, love birds. Third, rabbits.

He had a black-and-white rabbit named Spot that a friend gave us. It was a huge jackrabbit. When it peed, the spray was phenomenal.

We gave Spot away when we acquired Bella, our first beagle.

Yesterday, we ogled the animals in the petting zoo in Redwood City's Courthouse Square. There were pony rides! Yesterday, we ogled the animals in the petting zoo in Redwood City’s Courthouse Square. There were pony rides!

The pony rides were also very popular.  If son were small, he would flip over the pony rides!

Children were enjoying a section with real snow! Children were enjoying a section with real snow! Who wouldn’t enjoy getting into a snowball fight?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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Seleção Brasileira Master

Histórias, viagens, fotos e bobagens...

Esteve em Campo Mourão participando de um jogo amistoso contra um combinado local, a Seleção Brasileira Master. Na verdade parecia mais a Seleção Master do Corinthians, pois entre outros jogaram: Biro-Biro, Tupanzinho, Zenon, Gilmar Fubá,  Vitor e Dinei. O placar foi 6 x 0 para a Seleção de Masters.

De negativo foi o público, que passou um pouco de cem pessoas. O jogo foi pouco divulgado e sendo numa sexta-feira à noite, no mês de dezembro e com outros eventos acontecendo na cidade, não dava para esperar grande público. O portão que levava ao campo estava aberto e tinha mais torcedor ao lado do banco de reservas da Seleção Brasileira Master, tirando fotos e pegando autógrafos, do que torcedores nas arquibancadas.

Jogo correndo solto... Jogo correndo solto…

2 Banco de reservas.

3 Banco de reservas.

4 Até a Prefeita entrou na tietagem.

5 Vander e Tupanzinho, herói corinthiano.

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