Keeping cool in the rocky river.

Nigel Borrington

Down in the rocky river 4
Molly after a river swim,
Glenmorgan, clonmel
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Yesterday evening myself and Molly went for a walk in the woodlands above Clonmel, county Tipperary.

It been warm this week and keeping a retriever cool is a task these summer days. The river at Glenmorgan however is in a deep narrow cutting and its always shaded and cool, with deep pools of cold water for her to swim in.

This is one of our best local walks and a true escape of a warm July evening.

Glenmorgan, River : Gallery

Down in the rocky river 2

Down in the rocky river 3

Down in the rocky river 1

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The Horrors of Pre-Anaesthetic Surgery

The Chirurgeon's Apprentice

L0034242 Five surgeons participating in the amputationI often joke that The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice is all about ‘the horrors of pre-anaesthetic surgery’ and yet, I’ve never written an article which focuses primarily on the patient’s experience before the widespread use of ether beginning in the 1840s. Suffice-to-say, it was not a pleasant affair.

In 1750, the anatomist, John Hunter, colourfully described surgery as ‘a humiliating spectacle of the futility of science’ and the surgeon as ‘a savage armed with a knife’.[1] He was not far from the truth. Surgery was brutal and only to be undertaken in extreme circumstances. In 1811, Fanny Burney had a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She later recorded the incident vividly for posterity:

When the dreadful steel was plunged into the breast—cutting through veins—arteries—flesh—nerves—I needed no injunctions not to restrain my cries. I began a scream that lasted unintermittingly during the whole time of the incision—& I almost marvel…

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IIX gets $10.4M to help companies bypass the public internet


Is the era of the best-effort internet over? As a larger amount of web traffic is sent between a few giant players and more and more dollars are riding on the bits traveling over networks, is the public internet the best route for government files sent to Amazon or Netflix streams?

A three-year-old startup called IIX hopes that the answer is no. The firm has built what its Founder and CEO Al Burgio hopes will be the next generation of peering, but is essentially a frictionless way to bypass the public internet. The company has just raised $10.4 million in funding from NEA to help expand its vision. But before we delve into that, let’s take a quick refresher on how the internet works.

A primer on peering and the internet

Cables at an Equinix facility. Cables at an Equinix facility.
The internet is not one monolithic thing. It is a series of networks, literally…

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