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Eating Bavaria: Might As Well Start With Cake!

Lady Of The Cakes

Yesterday, I relocated from parched 40ºC Central Spain to my summer residence in lush green Bavaria. I’ll be here for a month, and my mission is simple: Eat. As much as possible. Of everything.

And so it begins.

My mum just came back from the bakery with this:

Poppy seed cake A delectable, moist poppy seed cake with crumbly bits on top!!!

I love, love, love poppy seeds. In cake, in strudel, in danishes… JUST GIVE THEM TO ME! Sadly, this sumptuous bakery genre is virtually unknown outside of Central(-ish) Europe. I’ve no idea why.

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Quiet breaths

Tri Fatherhood


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Yesterday evening, around sunset, out on my bike I stopped and watched kids swinging on a rope swing into a deep creek.

This morning, from my truck, as the sun rose and fog clung to the warming valleys and hills I saw three horses lingering in open space like shadows around a solitary tree that held a tire swing.

Then I walked through silent, empty, 6am streets of a small town and ate breakfast alone at a Mercantile. Full of joy.

I pictured you at home still sleeping warmly in your beds, twisted sheets. Quiet breaths. 

Sunrise and sunset. Open eyes and ears. Beauty and silence.

I love you,

– Daddy


Sat: rode 30 miles hard including a time trial up Theta

Sun: Ran 14.5 miles

Mon: Rest

Tues: Swam 2100 yard time trial / Biked 20 miles

Wed: Ran 4.5 miles

Thurs: Swam 1000…

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