Deschamps agrees to terms with Finnish squad


Nicolas Deschamps has decided to sign a one-year contract with the Finnish league’s Oulu Karpat, per the league’s website.

Originally taken in the second round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Deschamps had 20 goals and 40 points in 65 games with the AHL Hershey Bears in 2013-14. He also got his first taste of NHL action last season as he appeared in three games with the Washington Capitals.

Deschamps completed a one-year, two-way contract that was worth $726,000 at the NHL level. Washington decided against presenting the 24-year-old forward with a qualifying offer and he was consequently an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Meanwhile, the Capitals are negotiating with their only remaining restricted free agent, Cameron Schilling. The talks are progressing, but nothing’s imminent, according to the Washington Post.

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Eating Bavaria: Might As Well Start With Cake!

Lady Of The Cakes

Yesterday, I relocated from parched 40ºC Central Spain to my summer residence in lush green Bavaria. I’ll be here for a month, and my mission is simple: Eat. As much as possible. Of everything.

And so it begins.

My mum just came back from the bakery with this:

Poppy seed cake A delectable, moist poppy seed cake with crumbly bits on top!!!

I love, love, love poppy seeds. In cake, in strudel, in danishes… JUST GIVE THEM TO ME! Sadly, this sumptuous bakery genre is virtually unknown outside of Central(-ish) Europe. I’ve no idea why.

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Quiet breaths

Tri Fatherhood


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Yesterday evening, around sunset, out on my bike I stopped and watched kids swinging on a rope swing into a deep creek.

This morning, from my truck, as the sun rose and fog clung to the warming valleys and hills I saw three horses lingering in open space like shadows around a solitary tree that held a tire swing.

Then I walked through silent, empty, 6am streets of a small town and ate breakfast alone at a Mercantile. Full of joy.

I pictured you at home still sleeping warmly in your beds, twisted sheets. Quiet breaths. 

Sunrise and sunset. Open eyes and ears. Beauty and silence.

I love you,

– Daddy


Sat: rode 30 miles hard including a time trial up Theta

Sun: Ran 14.5 miles

Mon: Rest

Tues: Swam 2100 yard time trial / Biked 20 miles

Wed: Ran 4.5 miles

Thurs: Swam 1000…

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