Summer in Odessa, Ukraine


Scratching An Itch

Lazy day, lazy kitties. Zawadi scratches his nose as one of the cubs watches her dad.

Scratching An Itch

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A Goat By Any Other Name…

…Is still a goat. After a long walk on a leash around the zoo this petting zoo goat relaxes in the shade.

Goat 11

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We only use 10% of our brains? That’s 100% wrong

From Ceasefire to Ground Invasion: A Day In the Life of Israel and Gaza Residents


In the city of Herzliya, Israel, Guy Gutterman woke up to the sounds of sirens, ate a bowl of cereal and rode on an empty bus to the university where he teaches.

Meanwhile in Gaza, some residents felt safe enough to venture out into the streets for the first time in days, thanks to a 5-hour ceasefire brokered between Israel and Hamas.

On Thursday, four young residents of Gaza and Israel documented their daily lives from different sides of the border with videos and photos: from waking up with the news of a ceasefire, and going to sleep with the rumbling sounds of an Israeli offensive of the Palestinian territory.

Their first person narrative of the unfolding crisis reveals a rarely seen perspective from the ground.

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Garden in July – The Weekly Look


Following a challenge from Marilyn at I’m posting pictures of things that hold things. It was fun going through my picture collections finding these. Each, of course, has its own story but those posts have already been written.

JDMF Produce

Garibaldi Canoes

Mail Truck

Meditating Frogs

Ready For Halloween

Seasonal Berries

Soapy Soap

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